I believe it's time to 

f*uck up these oppressive systems.

I believe the world needs justice informed women to have
more money
more time,
and more power.


I believe when women struggle with confidence in making money decisions- it is in large part due to the Patriarchy and Debt Shaming Culture- two oppressive systems designed to keep women feeling unprepared, doubtful and distracted when it comes to money. 


Debt Shaming Culture seeks to establish a relationship between your morals and your debt.


How can you tell if you are being impacted by Debt Shaming Culture?


Below are some clues…

  • you think having debt means you lack will power

  • you think having debt means you value instant gratification over hard work

  • you think having debt means living an austere life (no new lipstick for you!)

  • you think paying off debt is always the first priority to managing your money well

  • you think debt is bad and should be avoided at all costs

  • you think having debt makes you irresponsible

It’s time to dissolve shame about debt.


Shame, guilt, burden, and overwhelm with money sucks the joy out of life. And that shit is exhausting. You deserve to feel exhilerated about your life- not exhausted.