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Hello. I'm Naomi Clark

I'm a proud Black American woman.  Sworn Enemy Of The Patriarchy.  Lover of swear words, history, and politics.  I'm a Truth Teller.   And I believe in the power of Everyday People.

Who I am.

I'm a Feminist Money Coach + Consultant.

I believe in speaking truth to power with honesty and heart.  The phrase "speak truth to power" was coined by Bayard Rustin who was a leader in the Civil Rights movement and fought for social justice.  To "speak truth to power" means to take a stand and demand a moral response to a problem, not just a response that is easy, expedient, or selfish.  I believe speaking truth to power is about bringing to light and advocating for a moral response to an issue.  This is a value I live by. 

I believe in the power of Everyday People (thank you Sly and The Family Stone for such a powerful song, "Everyday People" and for an even more powerful message).  Let us not forget that as everyday women we can take actions every day to make our communities and our neighborhoods, our schools, our places of work, worship, and any space you find yourself in with another person- we can take actions to make these spaces fair and equitable and safe for all people- not just some people.

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My education + experience.

I graduated with a B.S. in Finance from The McDonough School of Business at  Georgetown University, in Washington, DC.  I believe in life long learning and practice continuous personal and professional education including with the AFCPE (Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education).  I have over 20 years of experience in corporate within  Finance, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management.

I am the creator and host of The OutSpoken Girlfriend® podcast where I expand on how women and folks impacted by misogyny can use the tools of personal development in setting goals to achieve their desired outcomes.  Specific to power- there are two types of power I talk about.  There is our internal power- that's the power that comes from within you.  And there is our external power- that's the power that comes from being able to make choices with how you use your time, energy, and money.  I like to say you will find me at the intersection of personal development and personal finance.

I believe the greatest threats to women is the trifecta of sexism, racism, and economic inequality.  This is why in 2019 I founded Her Money Map, LLC which allows me to work directly with women to create cash flow strategies that support their goals, dreams, and values. 

I offer affordable workshops and programs for ambitious women who are f*cking exhausted.  Exhausted from following the "formula for success" and "doing all the right things" and yet find themselves feeling stressed out and worried about money and debt. 


Instead women deserve to feel exhilarated. I want you to live each day feeling ease and flow when it comes to your money.  I want you to feel confident in knowing you are making money decisions that align to what is most important in your life.  If you like what your read so far then I think you will want to get my guide to "More Money More Power."

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Why I Do This Work.

This is Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977). Voting rights activist.  Community Organizer. Civil Rights Movement Leader.  Co-founder of the Freedom Democratic Party.  Organizer of the Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964 which brought hundreds of college students (Black & white) to help with voter registration.  Co-founder of the National Women's Political Caucus (an organization that recruited, trained, and supported women to run for political office).

Fannie Lou Hamer was born in 1917, in the state of Mississippi in the United States.  Her parents were sharecroppers and at the age of 12 years old she left school to help her family on the cotton fields.  As an adult she worked on a plantation up until 1962.  She received a hysterectomy by a white doctor without giving him her consent- it was a practice in Mississippi to conduct forced sterilization on Black women.  She was beaten by police for advocating for voting rights of Black Americans.  

It can be way to easy and convenient for folks to think the effects of slavery and racism were a long time ago- part of our distant past here in the United States.  But the effects of White Supremacy Delusion Culture are still with us today.

These are the facts.  The United States was built on land stolen from the native indigenous people who lived on this land for thousands of years (and still do today).  The wealth of the United States was built on the backs of the stolen lives of enslaved Africans.

I do this work because "respectable" and "common sense" people, pundits, and politicians would have you believe that the founding of the United States was not rooted in the oppression of human beings.  They would have you believe that oppression is not real.  But oppression is real and it's always personal.

There is no talking about money and power without talking about oppressive systems.  

You Are Deserving.

I believe you are deserving of rest, joy, peace, and to just BE.  Not because you have to earn it- but because it's your birthright as a human BEING.

I believe it is possible to have ease and flow with your money.  You deserve to flourish today- not wait for "financial freedom" some day.

I believe when you have more money and more power, the world is a better, safer place.  For all people.  For our planet. 

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