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Join my free virtual workshop on
Saturday, August 28th from 12pm-1:30pm EST


Let's Make Power Moves

(f*ck the money stories, it's time to flip the script)

Hello. I'm Naomi Clark.

Proud Black American Woman.  Truth Teller.

Feminist Money Coach + Consultant.

It's time to flip the script

Feeling stuck in painful patterns about money is real. We think these patterns are an indication that something is wrong with us. We may think we are just "not good" with money.

These painful patterns can keep us from reaching our goals, and trusting ourselves. But often these patterns come from the past.


These are the "hand-me-down" beliefs passed down to us from our families, elders, and communities.


These are the societal inequities, biases and oppression placed upon us. 


These are money scripts running on auto pilot about who is supposed to have money and power- and who is not.


F*ck the money stories. It's time to flip the script.

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Let's Make Power Moves


Join this workshop and learn my methodology, the  self-AUDIT-practice ™  to bolster your self-trust, uncover your invisible sources of power, leverage external sources of power, and align your actions to your values.


I do not teach "believe it and make it so" tactics. You are going to learn an actual system to use for getting into power- not just with your money, but in your life.


The self-AUDIT-practice ™  incorporates reflective, spiritual, inner work AND incorporates taking actual, concrete steps to actualize and implement your ideas, goals, and dreams. 

During our time together we will cover...


Self Trust with Money.  Let's be real.  Money is important.  In our society, we need money to take care of basic necessities such as food, shelter, and medicine.   Money can help us get closer to our dreams, whether it's to travel, own a home, or help our family members with their own goals and aspirations .  Money is important but money doesn't get to decide how it's used.  You do.  But when you experience doubt and uncertainty with money, it can cause us to make decisions that aren't in alignment with our goals, values, and and beliefs.  This is why developing self-trust is a fundamental building block to making money decisions.  Join us and learn how to flip the script by developing money trust.



The Dynamics of Power.   Power is not a dirty word.  The pursuit of power is not an immoral endeavor.  Yet for many of us women- it can feel uncomfortable to even think about wanting power let alone pursuing it.  Society has conditioned many girls and women to associate power with undesirable traits like greed or selfishness.  We've been tricked into thinking power is evil, unattainable, out of reach, or undeserving of us to wield. Maybe you know how it feels to have power used against you. Here's the thing- there are multiple forms of power.  And the key to breaking free from society's conditioning and f*ckery is to understand the dynamics of power.  This is an essential life skill.  Join us and learn how to generate the type of power that nothing and nobody can take away from you.



Making Power Moves.  It's time to vanquish the habits of perfectionism and "people-pleasing" when it comes  to making choices for ourselves and our money. It's time to crush the societal oppression that promotes and upholds disparities and inequities when it comes to women and money.  It's time for something new.  Something better.  It's time for us to make power moves. Learn my methodology, the self-AUDIT-practice ™ to uncover and deploy your sources of power. Learn how to identify and leverage your external sources of power.  Learn how to align your actions to your values. Join us in making power moves with your money and in your life.

I have a special message for you- click the Play button below 


it helps to be reminded...


...that doubt is part of the human experience.  This includes doubt when it comes to making money decisions.  In some areas we are brimming with self-trust, and in other areas...not so much.  And that's okay. The process of cultivating self-trust is a life long practice.   

...that you building personal power is not about controlling others, nor forcing conformity. That there is a deep well of wisdom within you.  This  wisdom is a form of internal power within you.  Sometimes we just need help tapping into it. 


...that your personal flourishing is a good thing.  damn good thing.



Let's Make Power Moves
(a free, virtual workshop)


Let's Make Power Moves

Learn my methodology, the self-AUDIT-practice ™ for how to bolster your self-trust, uncover your invisible sources of power,  and align your actions to your values.   


Saturday, August 28th

Join us on Saturday, August 28th from 12pm-1:30pm EST.  We will meet via Zoom Webinar.  When you register for the workshop, a Zoom link will be sent to your email address. 


It's time to flip the script

Take inspired action when it comes to your money and your power.  Bring a pen, paper, and some sticky notes. Upon registration, you will receive an email with more details!

Flip The Script
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