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I believe in a world where women trust themselves when it comes to your money. You trust your decisions. You trust your knowledge. You trust your instincts.

I trust you with money.


But sometimes- it can be hard to have self trust with money. Sometimes- we get stuck.


Stuck in painful money patterns from the past. We may think these patterns are an indication that something is wrong with us. We may think we are just "not good" with money.


Stuck in the societal oppression that promotes and upholds disparities and inequities when it comes to women and money. We may think we are just "not qualified" to make money decisions.


Stuck in the habits of perfectionism and "people-pleasing" when it comes down to making choices for ourselves and our money. We may think we are just "not deserving" of pursuing our own dreams.


I trust your capability to make sound money decisions.


Let's uncover and uproot the old, played-out money stories from the past about who is supposed to have money- and who is not.


Let's toss out those "hand-me-down" beliefs and habits which no longer serve us.


Let's f*ck up the oppression getting in our way- at the societal level and the personal level.


It's time to flip the script.

It's time to ALIGN.



We will do external work


You will create your personal money blue print plan for managing your money.


All of your money.

Your spending.

Your investing.

Your saving.

Your paying debt back.


Your money blue print plan will be sustainable. No more dreading sitting down to run numbers and review statements.


Over our ten weeks together in ALIGN


We will do internal work


We will excavate the unconscious money stories and money scripts running on auto pilot that's preventing us from reaching our financial goals.


You will understand how to identify and disrupt oppressive systems designed to keep women feeling unprepared, doubtful and distracted when it comes to money.


You will design routines, habits, and rituals that will create self trust with money.


In ALIGN you will learn a system that will provide you "real time" insight into how you are tracking to your planned spending.


Your personal money blue print plan will be grounded in clarity and alignment.


Clarity with your values.

Alignment to your money goals.

We will make Power Moves


Learn my methodology, the self-AUDIT-practice for how to bolster your self-trust, uncover your invisible sources of power, leverage external sources of power, and align your actions to your values.


I do not teach "believe it and make it so" tactics. You are going to learn an actual system to use for getting into power- not just with your money, but in your life.


The self-AUDIT-practice incorporates reflective, spiritual, inner work AND incorporates taking actual, concrete steps to actualize and implement your ideas, goals, and dreams. 

This is not only about money- it is about your life
Money doesn't have to be a grind.

When it comes to money, I don't just give you "quick tips" or "guaranteed steps" when it comes to money management. I do not subscribe to the Cinderella make-over stories of how "so & so" paid off all their debt on a shoestring budget. Nor do I subscribe to the notion you can simply save your way to the life you want by slashing expenses- nobody I know got rich from cutting out lattes.


But money doesn't have to be a grind. It is possible to have ease and flow with your money. You deserve to flourish today- not wait for "financial freedom" someday.


In ALIGN we will cover about how to make money decisions a place of autonomy, agency, ease, and flow.

Let's chat - click the play button below to learn more.

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Your ALIGN Course Modules

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Early Bird registration is now through Friday, September 4th, 2021

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Make Power Moves

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Money Scripts


Debt Shaming Culture


The Money Mindset Villains


Rest Week


The Money Cycle


Values Based Budgeting


Make Money Moves


Creating Money Trust


Reflection Week

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Make Power Moves

Money is a form of power- it can buy you time, create safety, and amplify your values. It's important to be in your power when making money decisions. Learn my methodology to bolster your self-trust, uncover your invisible sources of power, leverage your external sources of power, and align your actions to your values. Learn my system, the self-AUDIT-practice for how how to make Power Moves in your life.

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