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I believe every woman deserves to have "f*ck it" money


Your money is not your worth. Your worth is not defined by your money. 

My name is Naomi Clark.

I am a feminist money coach + consultant.

My work in the world is to help you get more money, more power, and f*ck up the oppression getting in your way.

I do this by helping women and folks impacted by misogyny to create money strategies that support their dreams and financial goals.

I help you identify and dissolve doubt, uncertainty, and shame when it comes to money.

I help you reject the impact of oppressive systems including  the Money Mindset Villains when it comes to your money and your mind.

I help you to get clear on your values so you can develop a solid plan to reach your financial goals.

You deserve to financially flourish today.

Instead of waiting for "financial freedom" some day.

You will have the confidence and certainty to say "f*ck it, I'm getting that."


 This is "f*ck it" money.

Hello I'm Naomi Clark
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