This is one of my favorite pictures of myself!

It’s a favorite because I remember the feelings I had when my husband took the picture that day….


I felt Powerful.

I felt Strong.

I felt Unstoppable.

I felt Proud.

I felt like I could finally Trust myself.

Trust myself to set a goal.  A hard goal. And crush it!

On that particular morning I’d just run my first 10K without stopping. I wish I’d taken a picture of myself the first day I started training to run the 10K. That first day, the plan called for me to run for 1 minute without stopping. For 1 minute I ran…and thought my lungs would burst and my heart would stop. But I knew if I could run for 1 minute…next time it could be 3 minutes…then 5 minutes. And eventually I could run a 10K. 


I started to crave this feeling in all areas of my life. What areas of your life may be causing you to feel exhausted? I want you to feel Powerful. Strong. Unstoppable. Proud. I want you to know you can Trust yourself.

This is why I started The OutSpoken Girlfriend ™ podcast. Because I want every woman to go from feeling EXHAUSTED TO EXHILERATED. It’s an amazing journey.

©2019 by Naomi Scott Clark

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