Exhaustion 2 Exhilaration

The Money Mindset Program

Did you follow the formula for success? 

You worked hard. Damn hard.

And your hard work got you that degree or certificate which got you into your dream career.


And you worked hard in that career. 


You are earning a good income, perhaps even a great income.

You read all the books and do all the things you are supposed to do with your money.


You are paying yourself first.


You are investing such as in your employer 401K.


You bought a home or got that great in-town condo.


You are doing all the “right things”


You are using all the tools and apps to track your budget and spending


And Yet…


You are Exhausted. Fucking Exhausted.

Because despite all the work and planning you put into managing your cash:

  • You are surprised when you see bills post from your account that you forgot you paid

  • You feel like all you do is work to pay bills

  • You check your account before you make that purchase at the register

  • You make a good income but can’t afford the experiences your hard work has earned

  • You are hiding- from the mail, from the phone, from your statements, from everything

  • You keep trying to get organized with your bills and expenses but can’t make progress

  • You have read all the books, blogs, and websites on how to get control of your cash- and don’t feel any more knowledgeable or in control of your money

  • You find yourself in Target having spent $200…and you just went in to make a return

  • You are having disagreements and misunderstandings with loved ones over money decisions

  • You have more month at the end of your money

  • You have enough money to cover all your expenses and still feel confused and overwhelmed


Guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way. 

In the E2E Money Mindset program you can go from feeling exhausted about your money situation to feeling exhilarated of all that is in store for you in this life.

And your money will be a tool in building your best life- not a hurdle.

If you need help and not judgement- book a complimentary 30 minute clarity call with me. 


If I determine that I can be of service to you, we will talk through next steps. 


Every woman is different. 


This is why the clarity call is so critical. 


Because the E2E Money Mindset program is customized to each individual woman.


I want to help. Let’s chat.


Xoxo Naomi

©2019 by Naomi Scott Clark

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